Send you the cost per order calculation for full set of services of container cargo hauling or shipment within 24 hours
Ready to supply you with the company container or find it in a partner company on attractive terms in any port
Carry up to 30 containers to Moscow by a speed train twice a week
Shipment or carriage and cargo customs processing of any cargo from APR counties is provided.
Provide with a daily cargo tracking information.
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The key company activity areas:
Container shipment and railway cargo carriage
Container shipment and railway cargo carriage
Cargo customs processing
Cargo customs processing
Issuance of container equipment for use
Issuance of container equipment for use

The company carries a container from any city of China or South East Asia counyries, arranges shipment and forwarding in a port

Personal agent network in key APR ports
Daily monitoring of a container track and final destination delivery
Direct freight forwarding in any port of Vladivostok and direct cooperation with shipping lines
Several shipment variations to reduce your expenses or delivery terms.
Company container park of more than 200 Transport forwarding services
South Korea
High corporate quality service standards
Perfect document traffic
Arranging all the documents while importing or exporting cargoes, selecting FEA codes, help with customs declaration, any certificates or any other permitting documents
Shipment and customs processing
Container service to load the goods into, arranging its shipment or rail or truck carriage, help you to go through customs formalities.
Daily cargo track monitoring and reporting
We track the progress of the container along the entire route and provide daily reporting on the status of cargo transportation
Cargo preparing and delivery
A container is forwarded to offload to final receiver warehouse
About us
ATK Ltd. is a logistics company in Vladivostok offering high quality service of container shipment from APR countries, customs processing, and warehousing.
We are interested in continuous and productive cooperation and ready to offer best container carriage solution.
380 containers carried monthly
2537 customs declarations for 8-year work
Seleh Roman Valerievich
Stand by your interests since 2014
Our contact details
Office 32, 23 Derzhavin str, Vladivostok, Russia
Legal seat: ATK Ltd. 690024, 242 Makovskogo str., Vladivostok, Russia, PSRN 1142543019860, ITP 2543058494
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