Customs proccesing of the cargoes imported and exported

The detailed cost calculation and full list or requirements is provided within 3-5 hours
The company consults its customers on all the stages from the agreement signing up to choosing the route of freight carriage route.
Full package of documents till the cargo arrival to the port will be provided in time.
The company has responsibility with the customer for each stage of Customs processing.
The company helps its customers to go through procedures of Customs formalities with minimal expenses
The Customs processing costs calculation will be provided within 5 hours
What is included:
HC code selecting
Customs duty calculation and added value tax, basing on declared value
The calculation of customs duties basing on risks (by the prices of customs statistics)
Full list of documents needed for customs processing is provided. If necessary, the costs of documents needed is stated
All the possible customs formalities are included
The detailed costs calculation is provided within 3-5 hours
The company offers full set of customs services
Following the rules of non-tariff regulations
HS code selecting
Taking part in Customs inspection
(if needed)
FEA outsourcing
The goods certification
Customs cargo processing
The company is ready to solve all the difficulties connected with customs processing
  • Checking the goods for following all the rules of non-tariff regulations (certification, licensing) etc
  • Supplying customer with all the documents given by Customs while processing

  • Auditing and preparing all customer commercial documents
  • Taking part in customs inspection if necessary
  • Supplying forwarders with the issue information
  • Filing and issuing the customs declaration
  • Preparing the permission documents
  • Legal support if necessary
  • Customs payment calculation
  • HS code selecting
  • The company will take all the risks and formalities upon itself
    In the time following you will be sold the cargo or it will be given you by the agent agreement on the territory of RF with all the added value tax needed
  • Full document package will be prepared before cargo arrival to port
    The contract, invoice, package, agreements with certification agencies, following the rules of non-tariff regulations and appropriate description of the goods in customs declaration
Our advantages
Economy and terms
The company guarantees the terms of goods declaration filing for you to reduce warehouse expenses and your cargo to arrive as early as possible
of all the information mentioned in the agreement
Following all the legal regulations
The company takes upon itself all the customs regulation following
Cooperation only with reliable certified laboratories
of Customs tariff (rate) to be unchanged
All kind of goods to be declared
from food to toys.
Company minimizes your risks and expenses
We get customs classification decision and stand for customs costs for the moment of declaration filing.

Thus we minimize any risks of extra customs payments and juridical processes in court connected with Customs
Customs processing consulting
Hello, I am Catherine (Ekaterina) and I am the FEA department leader in the company. I`ve being working in customs processing field for more than 18 years. I started with work as a customs declarant , saw customs inspections, had lots of discussions with customs officers and customs checkpoint chiefs, inspectors, as a result I know all the peculiarities of our work in FEA. My team unites excellent practice specialists and that is our benefit.

We know how to minimize customs risks, point at most important things while signing contracts (recommend you reliable banks to cooperate with, how to buy any currency etc,) Good legal knowledge helps us to defend our customer interests.
Director of ATK VED
About customs processing
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